Miranda Melcher
Dr. Miranda Melcher earned her PhD in Defence Studies from King’s College London, where she researched how to negotiate and implement peace treaties. Her research identifies methods for integrating opposing forces into unified post-conflict security institutions through peace treaty negotiation and implementation and her qualitative historical case studies focused on Mozambique and Angola. She works primarily with qualitative methods, including interviews and archival work, such as at the UN archives with recently declassified UN peacekeeping documents. Prior to her PhD, she earned an MA in Intelligence and International Relations from the Department of War Studies at King’s College London and a BA in Political Science from Yale University. Dr. Melcher has taught at the Joint Services Command and Staff College (UK), Ecole de Guerre (France), King’s College London (UK) and Northern Illinois University (USA). She also researches and teaches on neurodiverse inclusive teaching practices and pedagogy, finding surprising links between best practices in the classroom and political negotiations.

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